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  1. Hello, partner!Want to run a cool offer but don't know which one to pick?For the conversion to go without a hitch, take a look at our new offer — Hondrowell Joint Cream. It will protect you from the ban and help generate leads just a few minutes into its use.Contact your account manager to get access to the offer and order awesome promo materials for it.
  2. Hello, partner! Want to reach your full potential?Then take a look at our new offer - EffectEro capsules to increase potency. We've just made the offer public, so without any doubt we highly recommend running it while it's hot.For all the details and localized promo materials, contact your account manager.
  3. Hello, partner!Want to painlessly run an offer?Pay attention to Cistat — capsules for cystitis. Just recently, this offer was private and showed excellent conversion and approval rates. Today you can make profit from it, too.Contact your account manager to learn details. And for the results to pleasure you like a bottle of cold beer on a summer day, order promo materials from Terra Leads.
  4. Hello, partner! In addition to being able to sleep longer, quarantine brought us a sedentary lifestyle and lots of worries. And all this can aggravate an already unpleasant problem — prostatitis. Help the strong half of humanity with our offer — Prostaffect. For promo materials and more information, contact your Terra Leads account manager.
  5. Hello, partner! While we all sit at home, buried in gadgets, not only the global economy is suffering, but also our eyesight. Dryness and redness of the eyes, eye floaters, fuzzy contours, a feeling of cloudy vision - everyone has encountered such symptoms at least once. And you can live with them, of course, but what for? We have prepared a new product offer - Vison capsules for eyesight. They have no side effects and contraindications, which means they are for anyone who has eyes. For additional information and promo materials, contact your account manager.
  6. Hello, partner!1.1 billion people in the world suffer from hypertension. Just imagine this — every seventh person! And the amount is growing.Therefore, Terra Leads launches a new offer — Cardio NRJ capsules to eliminate hypertension.Geos: ES IT RO PL SI HU BG SK GR HR CZ PT.To order copyright promo materials or a localization, contact your account manager.
  7. Hello, partner!For your convenience, Terra Leads keeps upgrading payment methods.Now you can withdraw your money to QIWI service by phone number or Yandex.Wallet. You can connect multiple wallets to one account at once.Still have questions? Contact your account manager. They will fill you in!
  8. Hello, partner!Get the maximum out of offers in Bulgaria.Terra Leads raises rates on all BG offers for its affiliates for an unlimited period as part of the BiG profit promotion!Order promo materials and localization and launch advertising campaigns for any BG offers you like.To learn more about the top offer from Terra Leads, please contact your personal account manager. Earn more!
  9. Hello, partner!Being an affiliate means to process a huge amount of information. Somewhere a profitable trend has appeared, and somewhere the list of rules has been updated. You might have missed Terra Leads’ important updates. Read this digest to keep abreast of important events!1. Terra Leads held a driving nutra meet-up in Moscow.Yes, it happened. It happened, impressed, and was remembered.What was there:— Top webmasters in cool runnings;— Prizes for the race, grid girls and commentators;— Informal networking in a smoky lounge, in-house cuisine and strong spirits.We plan to repeat it in the future. To be the first to find out about the announcement, stay tuned.2. We have added a new way of payments withdrawal.Since the beginning of February, our affiliates can withdraw payments directly to UA and RU bank cards with 0% commission!This offer is unique in the CPA market. Hurry up to make use of it!3. We have launched exclusive offers in Bosnia (BA):EasySlim — Weight Loss — 13 USD.Omnipotent — Erection — 13 USD.Psorizin — Psoriasis — 13 USD.Celluless — Cellulite — 13 USD.4. The range of offers has been expanded in such geos as:— Albania and Kosovo (AL):Fungalor — Fungus — 8 USD.Novaskin — Rejuvenation — 8 USD.Germitox — Parasites — 8 USD.— The Baltic States (LT LV EE):Diet Lite — Weight Loss — 18 USD.Deeper — Adult for men — 15 USD.— Serbia (RS):Diabetin — Diabetes — 11 USD.Rastanol — Against kidney stones — 11 USD.Reumatin — Rheumatism — 11 USD.5. A highly convertible offer in Poland (PL) was launched:Memoratin — Brain acceleration — 15 USD.6. We have added a new offer in Bangladesh (BD):Smart Keto — Weight Loss — 5 USD.7. Private offers from Terra Leads:We have reserved for you some more interesting private offers from Nutra and White Hat offers.For detailed information, contact your account manager. They will inform you in detail about the listed offers and geos. You just have to set up the streams and run an advertising campaign. Profit will not be long in coming!
  10. Hello, partner!Terra Leads now makes payments directly to UA and RU bank cards. And with 0% commission!For your maximum convenience:— connect several cards to one account;— withdraw funds to VISA and MasterCard cards.To learn more about the new payment method from Terra Leads, contact your account manager. They will help you understand the essence of the method and appreciate the comfort of cooperation!
  11. Hello, partner! Terra Leads arranges a driving nutra meet-up for top affiliates. Where: Moscow When: February 26, 2020 Traditionally for Terra Leads, we organize everything at the highest level: — informal networking; — kart races with grid girls and commentators; — smoky hookahs, in-house cuisine and elite alcohol. Everything in the best traditions of affiliate events! Getting an invitation to TERRA NIGHT is simple: — go to the landing page using the link below; — leave a request in the registration form and we will contact you. Don't miss this bright and productive meet-up, be among the best! Registration link:
  12. Hello, partner!One can spend hours or sometimes even entire evenings playing monopoly. And imagine the monopoly where there are verticals instead of quarters and where you are not a monopolist but a partner company owner!You will have to take your mind off the every minute stats checking for Terra Leads’ new board game — «CooPerAtion».Your task is to make a fortune in the CPA marketing while gathering whole verticals under your command, paying for conference attendance, fighting off DDOS attacks, and overcoming a lot of other obstacles on your way to success.Test your skills by getting the game from Terra Leads in one of the 3 ways:— download the game field and the rule book from Terra Leads’ website:— get the game as a present at niche conferences with the participation of Terra Leads;— get the branded version from Terra Store in exchange for t-coins.Share your impressions from «CooPerAtion» by tagging Terra Leads in photos. And comment what arbitrage game you would like to see next!
  13. Hello, partner!Terra Leads team is looking forward to meeting you at AWA 2019 in Bangkok.We have prepared for you some interesting offers, cool merch, and something unusual in a true Asian style!Finding us is simplicity itself:Stand: A77Date: December 4-5Location: Centara Grand / Bangkok Convention CenterGet acquainted with our team in person and find out what real networking is at one of the coolest conferences of the year.
  14. Hello!Cool news for Terra Leads partners! Now it’s possible to withdraw money from Terra Leads directly to Mastercard.In just a few clicks, your earnings go from the domestic account into your debit card on the same day.Simplicity and convenient payouts for partners are Terra Leads’ priorities!
  15. Hello, partner!The very first AR glasses were created as far back as 1960, and starting in the 1990s, VR already entered gaming industry in the shape of Sega — the first gaming machines with VR headset.Nowadays, the revolution in the entertainment industry has already taken its place.Thousands of users enjoy diving into another reality.For this reason we offer you to make money from our new offer — VR Box.VR Box are AR glasses that were created specifically for you to watch 3D movies, use VR applications and play 3D Android and iOS games.Geo: ES IT PL RO HU BG SI HR GR.To order promo materials and get additional information, contact your personal account manager.
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